CSI Friday: Solving the Coastal Path Murders using forensic science

Professor Angela Gallop

Take 12 minutes out of your day to hear the story of how forensic scientist Professor Angela Gallop took a cold case from a frustrated police team and broke it wide open with new evidence that led to the conviction of a serial murderer.

Professor Angela Gallop, CBE, is one of the UK’s most eminent forensic scientists and an Honorary Graduate of the University of Sheffield. Angela has been highly influential in the world of forensic science, helping to solve many well-known cases including the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Damilola Taylor.

We caught up with her when she visited Sheffield and asked her to tell us the story of the Coastal Path Murders, a case which spanned 24 years, two double murders and all hinged on a trace of DNA found on one item of clothing.

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Visit the course page for Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr X; a short open, online course from The Department of Biomedical Medical Science which charts how a seemingly impossible case was solved by students and staff at The University of Sheffield using Facial Reconstruction.

Here at Sheffield, Biomedical Science undergraduates learn how forensic science techniques can be used to determine the identity of an unknown person. This online course shows students how the skills that they learn in the lab can be applied to a real life police investigation.

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